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These video shorts were made in collaboration with Adam Schorn.  Video is a fluid and engaging medium, perfectly suited to certain subjects.  I often combined found historical images or footage with video and in one case, digital imagery from my own angiogram (a special thanks to Beth Israel Cardiology and Radiology, Boston).  Double click on the video to play it.  (Quicktime is required to play the videos) click here to download Quicktime




rt :: 4:36  note: Sounds of explosions in video are LOUD. Please turn your volume down.

rt :: 5:10

rt :: 4:18

rt :: 7:00

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This video is part of a larger installation. Three figures on the floor in front of the projection begin to glow when the explosions begin.

This slide show features performances by Larisa and Savoy Schorn.

This video triptych combines 35mm film, video and digital imaging. 

This video documents environmental installations on Bumpkin Island, a Boston Harbor Island.